Who we are?

We are a non-profit organization, working for over 20 years to alleviate malnutrition in communities across the country, by building vegetable gardens next to schools and families in rural, urban and peri-urban areas.

Our team pursues the objective of fostering a healthier and more diverse diet.

To protect our natural resources, the gardens are agroecological, promoting a more sustainable food production, thus caring for our environment and our health.

Huerta y niños

Mission and Vision

Niña en la huerta

The Mission

We work in rural primary schools where there are cases of malnutrition, building community vegetable gardens aimed at providing a sustainable solution to children undernourishment.

Niña y cartel de huerta

The Vision

An Argentina without hunger and malnutrition, where there is equal opportunity and where everyone has the possibility to improve their quality of life.

Through the Mi Huerta Program we accompany rural and urban schools to build agroecological gardens so that children learn to plant and cultivate, using the garden as an open-air classroom, and then replicate this knowledge in their homes.

We also have a training and resource program so that families can strengthen their gardens and eat more healthily, providing a sustainable solution to households.

We work for a future in which the communities, through access to resources and knowledge of the garden, can achieve a healthier diet, greater environmental awareness and a means to produce their own food.

Where are we heading to?

Our goal is to that every school in Argentina has its own garden project, promoting the learning of health care and protection of natural resources. We wish that each child feels part of nature.

We will continue to provide more and better tools to accompany schools with their garden projects, but we will also support families who want to start or improve their home gardens, thus extending our accompaniment to the community.

We will also have a demonstration garden space where you can participate and discover the experience of a garden project, as well as continue to provide workshops.

Our Team

Board of Directors

President: Felipe Lobert

Secretary: Sebastian Lobert

Treasurer: Marcelo Bouillard


Fundraising and Communication Area: Cristina Grieco

Administration: Milagros Centurión 


Executive Colaborators

Accounting Study: Estudio Adriana Curti y Asociados

Legal Advice: Marval O’ Farrell & Mairal / PAGBAM Abogados